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Tell Slipstream's mun (Karan) How she is doing with her puppet.

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[When 30-33-03 is called, this device will play one of the default ringtones. And the caller's device will display the following Caller ID:]

[If the the call is unanswered, it will forward the caller to the following message:] Thank you for calling 30-33-03. We're afraid they've been sent to the Abax Morgue and are scheduled for their autopsy at approximately CURRENT TIME. Please leave a brief message to be played at their memorial service or try your call again later. BEEP!
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Tell Slipstream's mun (Karan) How she is doing with her puppet.

Anon enabled
All screened
No IP tracking
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Let [ profile] karanseraph know how she is doing with Trix's characterization and RP skills.
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Concept totally ripped from [ profile] axiomnexus

[Slipstream is somewhere not canon to anything, ranting about the loser prototype, when, from seemingly nowhere, something like synthesized harpsichord music starts to play. As if under a spell, Slipstream begins singing.]

Song and Dance number... )
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This is an image of my Halloween Costume. We have access to formspring here, so I used it to ask my contacts for suggestions, and that Toy Store Guy said I should go as Professor Princess. She is a fearsome human masked villain, who doesn't like robots much. The pony is just a hologram.

And let me tell you, finding material for a pink wig in my scale is not easy. Working the hack to get the pony to project was almost easier!

This is an artist's rendition of how I might look in a Professor Princess costume. It was done by [ profile] toyzintheattik. I don't mind getting gifts of art, but...I'm not sure about the sparkles.
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1. Reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter.
2. List (and link) 5 songs you love that begin with that letter.
3. Post them to your journal with these instructions.

I was given L. )
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The Observation Deck is the uppermost interior floor and its exterior walls are made of glass, providing excellent strategic advantage, as well as sightseeing opportunity. During events a stage or sound system is often positioned between the stairs and lift.

The penthouses are on the uppermost residential floor. TFA Slipstream currently resides in #3, where she has a home office. UT Starscream is currently renting #1.

There are numerous other floors with apartments, between the ground floor and penthouses.

The ground floor features the apartment building's many public spaces, as well as kitchen, administrative offices, and utility closets for employee use. There are benches for seating within the lobby, as well as a security desk, near the door to the administrative area.

There is a basement, but it is not accessible to the general public. It is known to contain storage and maintenance areas.

The park across the street is undergoing some renovations, and a map is not yet available, but it is known to contain features such as a duck pond, and a life-size chess board made of squares of differing color gravel.
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It's not funny...because it's true. If there were a list of wrongest trine combinations ever, that would be right near the top! We would never agree on anything!

Also, I rather resent the anonymous photo-manipulator's so-subtle implication that somehow I must be the odd one out, with two mechs in a suggested couple. The whole point of there being a trine is that there is no "odd one out" because the unit contains an odd number of three! Which is...maybe the point here: that the captured image is not a representation of a Seeker Trine.

But! It's not like we were trying to be a trine, when that image was captured! Please! If anyone, I would have picked Thundercracker and Skywarp!

Not that I couldn't get along with Ramjet or Him, if I wanted! Just...not both at the same time.

Besides it's not like we need to trine...?
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I got one of these, too:
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I got a Twitter account:

Yes, apparently there is a Twitter server we can access.
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[ profile] risamitsukai made these pics for me. They are not photo-realistic, but humans are not perfect. I'm flattered humans know who I am and want to honor me with works of art! She got the colors of my deco just right. And, I like the cute bunny tattoo! (Will need to show Lockdown.) The red and white mech is designated Skyfire; we talk about science and flying sometimes.

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This is the tea-cube I made for Fireflight's Ener-tea Party. The tea-cube itself is a standard container, but I designed and generated the vector graphics and then used printing machines to which I had access to screen the design onto the tea-cube.

Lockdown saw the cube and said it was coordinated with my deco. Of course, this was intentional. Contest or not, I designed this to be my own tea-cube. I like triangles, groupings of three, and ratios based on thirds, but I suppose this could be a Seeker thing.
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[Now with Mod approval]

[ooc: Park Slope is an in-game location in [ profile] tf_ic_prompts.]

Trendy Park Slope is a neighborhood in south-central area Nexusville, encompassing Park Slope Apartments and Park Slope Park. It's features include a slope-sided tower constructed of cool-toned alloys and a park suited to quiet recreation.

Park Slope Apartments:

A luxurious high-rise apartment building with Decepticon architectural influence and an Aurex verse interior design. Studio and multi-room residential apartments are available for rent on permanent, weekly or daily basis. Limited office and storefront spaces are also available for commercial use. Amenities include: private washrooms (featuring energy baths for rejuvenation, multi-nozzle showers for cleansing, and basins for oil or water soaking); energon dispensers; comfortable berths in bulk and Mini-Con (suitable for human use) sizes; access to shared observation deck, gym, conference room, and media center.

Rules for Apartments:

  • Slipstream is owner and Landlady by right of salvage and/or conquest.

  • Interiors of residents' apartments are their personal property.

  • Common areas of building are private property of the owner and Landlady, with right to access granted to renters and their guests; the Landlady bears the right and responsibility to both maintain and defend property, and collect compensation for damage.

  • Rent may be paid in whole or parts in currency, energon, goods, or services

  • Landlady will negotiate with prospective renters the rent to be tendered and the length of stay.

[ooc: Apartment and Renting Rules for Players:
  • Any residents may create posts at the location.

  • Please limit number of location posts to one per day (unless previous post has obscene number of comments or a specific plot requires its own post, or plot has significantly altered previous state of building).

  • LJ comment subject lines should used to indicate parts of building in use in given thread.

  • The Landlady will practice discriminatory and/or predatory housing practices!

  • Negotiation of discriminatory and predatory housing practices will be considered a mini-plot (all comm rules on plots apply) and all players will agree to terms OOC before terms are settled IC during RP.

  • All discrimination is IC, for or against the character negotiating. Favoritism will be show to characters according to the following ranking system (characters fitting in more than one category will get the higher applicable rank in list) with #1 being most favored:

    1. character(s) necessary to advance plot - free rent (on temporary basis only)

    2. Seeker clones or Starscream from same verse - free rent (on temp or perm basis)

    3. Decepticon hierarchy of same verse (including such ranks and titles as Leaders, Generals, Commanders, Second-in-Command, Third-in-Command, or equivalent) - token payments now or favors owed.

    4. Seekers of other verses (does include Beast Wars former Seekers, evil Autobot Seekers and Bayverse mechs with established Seeker function or mission, etc) - token payments now or on credit

    5. Decepticon Hierarchy of other verses - small payments now or more substantial favors owed

    6. rank and file Deceptions of same verse - small payments now or on credit

    7. human/organic females - modest payments now or on credit

    8. rank and file Decepticons of other verses - modest payments

    9. Neutrals or members of factions other than Decepticon or Autobot - medium payments now or on credit

    10. human/organic males - medium payments

    11. rank and file Autobots of other verses - large payments now

    12. rank and file Autobots of same verse - large payments with tacked-on fees

    13. Autobot officers of other verses - high payments now

    14. Autobot Officers of same verse (Minor, Major, Prime, Magnus) - high payments now with tacked-on fees]

Park Slope Park:

Originally an overgrown park there are plans to improve it through RP plot and activity into a Japanese-influenced park, with with gravel, pebbles, odd-numbered placement of plants and stone lanterns, etc. Some manner of large-scale or table-top Chess and/or gaming surfaces will be included.

Rules for Park:

  • Park is open for public use at all times of the solar cycle. For safety, some limited lighting along paths and entrances, is provided; bring your own lighting if you plan activity at night.

  • Ask permission of Park Slope community representatives before removing any flora, fauna or mineral sample in whole or part.

  • Any breakage or destruction of the part or its components will result in collection of compensation for damages by Park Slope community representatives.

[ooc: Park Use Rules for Players:

  • Chess or other strategy game playing threads are allowed, only if players have IC conversation, thoughts, or actions to RP during game.

  • Players without significant IC content to add to a strategy game thread, should take their exchange of moves to an off-comm platform (IM, email, other journals) and "timewarp" to summary or results of game]
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The Wind Turbine Project is an ongoing role-play plot in [ profile] tf_ic_prompts. Characters from the Nexusville community have volunteered their time and effort to work together to construct and maintain wind turbines to generate energy for the community. These include a wind turbines in a community turbine farm, a secret, private turbine farm, and individual turbines placed on property in and about Nexusville. Not all the characters involved are volunteering their time out of selfless charity for the community; some want control, or energy, or are placed as spies amongst their fellow project team members.

The WTP encompasses several locations and provides maintenance for some private turbines. The main locations are the WTP Research and Development Facility, the secret Alpha Site in a river-cut mountain pass, and the Community Turbine Farm (A.K.A. Beta Site) located in the plains. Individual turbines are also located atop the WTP R&D Facility, at Starscream's Chicken Farm, at TFA Megatron's Retirement Cave, at Gravel Track Mines.

Locations )

Individual turbines )

The WTP plot has included several continuing subplots.

Subplots )
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Designation: Slipstream
Faction Affiliation: Decepticon
Alt-mode: 'Futuristic' Harrier Jet

Slipstream is a clone of Starscream, created by him, on Luna, using a stolen protoform and cloning technology; and granted individual personality and life by a shard of the AllSpark, stored within her otherwise vacant spark chamber, behind her cockpit. She would seem, based on her early activity and observations of her brother clones, to be the eldest of the surviving Starscream clones; she is also the only femme among them. Like the other clones, Slipstream evidently came online possessing some pre-installed data from her creator, effectively sharing his knowledge.

Slipstream first became known to the Autobots and other Decepticons at the Battle of the Carbon Mines, where she distinguished herself by taking down the Autobot spacebridge expert, Bulkhead; publicly betraying her creator in favor of Megatron's Leadership; and then devising strategy in the sortie against Omega Supreme. If you ask Slipstream, She's been acting Air Commander since her creator lost his head, but Starscream would likely argue this, and Megatron likely does not even remember her name, much less recognize this rank.

She also shot Optimus Prime out of the Sky once, and seems capable at evading capture, while other clones were picked-up by the bounty hunter, Lockdown, or members of the Elite Guard.

When her creator Starscream died (again), as result of his own AllSpark shard being summoned through Prowl's Processor over Matter technique, during the battle with the Supreme clones in Detroit, Slipstream was the one to discover his deactivated shell. What she did with him then remains her secret.

further statistics )
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