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[When 30-33-03 is called, this device will play one of the default ringtones. And the caller's device will display the following Caller ID:]

[If the the call is unanswered, it will forward the caller to the following message:] Thank you for calling 30-33-03. We're afraid they've been sent to the Abax Morgue and are scheduled for their autopsy at approximately CURRENT TIME. Please leave a brief message to be played at their memorial service or try your call again later. BEEP!
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Concept totally ripped from [ profile] axiomnexus

[Slipstream is somewhere not canon to anything, ranting about the loser prototype, when, from seemingly nowhere, something like synthesized harpsichord music starts to play. As if under a spell, Slipstream begins singing.]

Song and Dance number... )
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This is an image of my Halloween Costume. We have access to formspring here, so I used it to ask my contacts for suggestions, and that Toy Store Guy said I should go as Professor Princess. She is a fearsome human masked villain, who doesn't like robots much. The pony is just a hologram.

And let me tell you, finding material for a pink wig in my scale is not easy. Working the hack to get the pony to project was almost easier!

This is an artist's rendition of how I might look in a Professor Princess costume. It was done by [ profile] toyzintheattik. I don't mind getting gifts of art, but...I'm not sure about the sparkles.
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1. Reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter.
2. List (and link) 5 songs you love that begin with that letter.
3. Post them to your journal with these instructions.

I was given L. )
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It's not funny...because it's true. If there were a list of wrongest trine combinations ever, that would be right near the top! We would never agree on anything!

Also, I rather resent the anonymous photo-manipulator's so-subtle implication that somehow I must be the odd one out, with two mechs in a suggested couple. The whole point of there being a trine is that there is no "odd one out" because the unit contains an odd number of three! Which is...maybe the point here: that the captured image is not a representation of a Seeker Trine.

But! It's not like we were trying to be a trine, when that image was captured! Please! If anyone, I would have picked Thundercracker and Skywarp!

Not that I couldn't get along with Ramjet or Him, if I wanted! Just...not both at the same time.

Besides it's not like we need to trine...?
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I got one of these, too:
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I got a Twitter account:

Yes, apparently there is a Twitter server we can access.
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[ profile] risamitsukai made these pics for me. They are not photo-realistic, but humans are not perfect. I'm flattered humans know who I am and want to honor me with works of art! She got the colors of my deco just right. And, I like the cute bunny tattoo! (Will need to show Lockdown.) The red and white mech is designated Skyfire; we talk about science and flying sometimes.

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This is the tea-cube I made for Fireflight's Ener-tea Party. The tea-cube itself is a standard container, but I designed and generated the vector graphics and then used printing machines to which I had access to screen the design onto the tea-cube.

Lockdown saw the cube and said it was coordinated with my deco. Of course, this was intentional. Contest or not, I designed this to be my own tea-cube. I like triangles, groupings of three, and ratios based on thirds, but I suppose this could be a Seeker thing.


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