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player information.

name: Karan
are you over 18?: Yes
personal lj: [ profile] karanseraph
email/msn/aim/plurk/etc: karanseraph on Plurk. I can send my AIM/email, upon request.
characters in abax: Cheetara

in character information.

series: Transformers Animated
name: Slipstream (No surname)
sex: O (non-sexed robot of femme shell-type who uses feminine pronouns)
age: 2. (6-9 months between Luna and Earth, then a little over a year in a Cybertronian multi-versal Nexus.)
race: Cybertronian
height: 7'4" (Mass-shifted down from her usual 30 feet or so.)
weight: 810 LBS.(Total guess!)
canon point: Post end of series (plus below)
previous cr: (Not transferring specific CR, but character development.) Just as Slipstream had discovered Starscream's deactivated body on the street in Detroit, she was accidentally transported to the multi-versal hub city of Axiom Nexus on the Cybertron of Universal Stream Nexus 208.0 Epsilon. ( [ profile] axiomnexus ) Identified as a Cybertronian of Universal Stream Malgus 1207.26 Alpha, she was processed into the Outworlder zones within Axiom Nexus, to await an exit visa. The peace-loving, and highly bureaucratic TransTech Cybertronians of Axiom Nexus didn't issue Slipstream's visa for over a stellar cycle.

During this roughly year-long wait, Slipstream inhabited the shady 'hood of Zone 7, where she dealt in information and barter of goods, while maintaining a show of steady, respectable employment as an instructor for the continuing education institution Axiom-Stait School for Humanities and Advanced Technology (ASSHAT). The first six months were without incident, until she received an upgraded communicator. Then she attracted notice from Starscream of her universe, several of her brother clones, and numerous other Starscreams and Megatrons.

Slipstream had business dealings with the humans Mikaela Banes and Toph Bei Fong, which involved the purchase of bulk spare parts and metal bending to craft morbid Cybertronian jewelry, to be marketed as rare and or trendy to the TransTechs. The idea for this enterprise was inspired by Slipstream's younger, clone brother Dirge. Consumed by greed and a resentment towards their creator, Starscream, Dirge had fought Starscream in the arena and tore out one of his optics, which he then wore set in a ring. Slipstream sought to imitate the fashion statement, without the trouble of entering actual combat.

Most of Slipstream's personal growth in Axiom Nexus was related to her dealings with her brothers Dirge and Skywarp, and her creator Starscream, and the Megatron from Universal Stream Primax 1005.19 Gamma. Their own Megatron absent, many of the Malgian Seekers worked for this younger, less corrupted Megatron, as they saw a Leader who had not yet strayed from the ideals of their Decepticon faction. Slipstream was startled when both Starscream and this Megatron acknowledged her skills and invited her to join them, as she had felt slighted by the leaders in her own Stream. This started to ease some of the animosity between Slipstream and Starscream. In dealing with her brothers, Slipstream was able to perceive their own struggles to overcome the rather one-dimensional personalities they had been cloned with, and she encouraged them, in her way, to be more and to grow.

When Starscream left, Slipstream went as far as to disguise herself as Starscream in attempt to help Dirge reconcile some of his resentment and longing for approval toward their creator, which she had felt herself. Through dealing with her brother clones, Slipstream's own personality became somewhat less one-dimensional, and she found herself able to relate to Skywarp or Dirge in a straightforward, manner.

The delay in Slipstream's visa was later revealed to be in part due to purposeful interference from the TransTech named Shockwave, who sought to maintain persons of interest for his own scientific experimentation. Eventually, after many complaints, Shockwave was brought to justice, and his subjects variously deported or granted visas. Slipstream received a visa, but instead of returning home, she found herself transported to Abax.

history: TF Wiki Entry, which I will supplement here:

Slipstream is a clone of Starscream, created by him on Luna (Earth's Moon), using one of the stolen protoforms aboard the wreck of the Nemesis and his knowledge of Decepticon cloning technology previously developed by Scalpel. Slipstream was granted individual personality and life by a fragment of the AllSpark, broken from the one sustaining her creator's life, stored within her otherwise vacant spark chamber. She would seem, based on her early activity and observations of her brother clones, to be the eldest of the surviving Starscream clones. She's also got some curves the others don't; her shell is a femme build Seeker type. Like the other clones, Slipstream evidently came online possessing some pre-installed data from her creator, knowing what she needed of the factions to go into battle; it's likely this was transferred via the AllSpark fragments, which were broken from the larger shard already imprinted by Starscream.

Slipstream first became known to the Autobots and other Decepticons at the battle in the Carbon Mines, outside Detroit. She distinguished herself by evading Bulkhead's attempt to capture her, putting him in his own pair of stasis cuffs. She disarmed Megatron of his sword with a well-placed shot from behind. And, as soon as it seemed Starscream's side was certain to lose, she switched allegiance to Megatron. Slipstream then devised effective strategy in the sortie against Omega Supreme, by using his own size against him.

After the battle, in which Megatron and Starscream, among others, were accidentally thrown through an active space bridge, and the mines collapsed, Slipstream evidently remained in the Detroit area. It was over the city that she later shot Optimus Prime out of the sky; though she only pursued him thinking he was Starscream. She seems to have a literal tendency to see red when it comes to her creator.

Slipstream continued to prove herself capable of avoiding notice and evading capture, while other Decepticons were picked-up by the bounty hunter Lockdown, or members of the Autobot Elite Guard.

It's also suggested that she was seeking additional AllSpark fragments during this time. (She was going to revive Starscream with one, later, but none of these fragments would have transferred to Axiom Nexus or Abax with her.)

When her creator, Starscream, died (again), as result of his own AllSpark fragment being summoned through Prowl's Processor over Matter technique, Slipstream was one to discover his deactivated shell.

She was soon transported to Axiom Nexus.

personality: Out-of-Universe, we're told that the whole gag about Slipstream's personality trait is we're not supposed to know. In-universe, Slipstream does have an air of mystery about her. She doesn't reveal much about herself. In fact, when Starscream asked directly about her 'trait', she evaded the question by saying "Don't ask!" As much as she hides about herself, she's happy to offer her observations on others, usually in bitter rants.

Still, her nature is evident, from her biting humor, used to distract, and her bitter rants, which deflect attention onto others. She will not be pinned down. Not to an answer, or even a particular side in battle. Slipstream is like water: she will chose the simplest, most efficient path to her goals; the path of least resistance. This is evident not only in her words, but in her actions. When Bulkhead attempted to capture her, she used his own momentum to launch them into a roll, during which she turned his cuffs on him. Shots fired on Megatron and Optimus Prime were primarily from behind. Against Omega Supreme, she dodged all but one shot from his cannons, and perceived the advantage in felling the giant by weakening his legs.

When faced with multiple obstacles, she may go with the one that seems to her the least of evils, or the winning side. This was shown when she quickly switched allegiance from Starscream to Megatron. If threatened with being pinned down or trapped, or is faced with something she cannot avoid, Slipstream demonstrates a volatile temper. This seems to be the case in her association with her creator, whom she cannot help but be linked to, yet in which she is clearly disappointed. Like a river behind a dam, she will find a way break through.

Slipstream does have self-awareness, secrets and true emotions, she simply makes every attempt not to show them. Some of her feelings can be inferred from her rants, as she's not thinking as logically when she's angry. Slipstream knows that she's near incapable of interacting with others in a straightforward manner. It should be no surprise, considering how all the clones take after Starscream: a bot who lies, flatters, cowers, and brags to disguise his own greed, and envy of what others have.

Slipstream, having all of Starscream's deceptive, evasive nature, but having less of everything her brother's got, is better suited to be any leader's second in command, and able to see the advantage of the position. Yet, Starscream's leering at her shell, instead of noting her intelligence; and Megatron's failure to include her in his plans upon return to Detroit, frustrate her with her faction's leadership.

Her time in Axiom Nexus, particularly with her brother clones, has helped Slipstream to grow as an individual. She still views interactions with the same measure of advantage versus disadvantage, but her manner of speech has become just slightly less evasive. She can be direct, if it's important to her.

Slipstream is aware of her status as a clone, and is aware, through the information transferred from Starscream, that Autobots blew-up two older clones. Though arguably the older clones may not have had true individual life, their swift destruction and misuse by Starscream gives Slipstream cause to question whether others view her as expendable or more weapon than person. It's one more reason she's disappointed in Starscream, and all the more motivation for her to seek acknowledgement of her skills. It becomes almost tragic that she's so good at escaping notice.

As she grows, Slipstream becomes less a copy of Starscream and even more an individual.

abilities/powers: Like many Cybertronians, Slipstream has the ability to transform from a root robotic form to an alt-form or alt-mode. Specifically she transforms into a 'futuristic' fighter jet with forward-swept wing design. It's assumed in this form she has all the standard abilities of a modern fighter jet, such as thrust vectoring, super-sonic flight, radar, etc. She's capable of interplanetary (she could travel between Earth and Luna under her own power) as well as atmospheric flight. She can operate in vacuum of space, atmosphere, or under water. Slipstream can also fly in her root form, using thrusters on her feet and the wings on her back for guidance.

Her weapons include arm-mounted guns, which have variously been identified (conflicting canon between toy bios and other promotional material) as null rays or sonic shock blasters, and a pair of basic laser blasters concealed in each gauntlet. She can also use thruster burn from her heels offensively, if needed. And the digits of each hand are sharply pointed, acting alike to metal talons. As seen in battle, she is agile, for a bot of her size and mass, and can perform evasive maneuvers, like rolls on the ground.

In the air (such as it is under Abax's canopy) Slipstream is highly capable in aerial combat. It's inferred that, as with many other Cybertronians, her name is meaningful, and that she actually has a fair grasp of fluid dynamics and can perform drafting techniques such as riding another craft's slipstream to conserve fuel.

It's highly likely she inherited Starscream's particular ability with escaping Elite Guard restraints. (It took him time and concentration, but he somehow shorted out a pair of cuffs.) She's really, really good at evasive maneuvers; even Omega Supreme only got a direct hit on her once, and he has a lot of guns .

As a Cybertronian, who has lived on Earth, and in Axiom Nexus, Slipstream can work with high-level encryption. She's not Soundwave-level (He's even more expert in most continuities), but she's skilled with use of computer-based devices related to Earth or Cybertronian technologies. Cybertronians from her Universal Stream also have some ability to enter Cyberspace - a virtual space within or between the systems of Cybertronian minds. It's perceived as a visual representation of hacking or diving. Hardline connection is required.

She may have some knowledge of bomb-making and cloning from Starscream, but she's not likely to use this knowledge, as she find's Starscream's use of these inefficient.

Slipstream's greatest weaknesses are her lack of formal close-quarters weaponry, and her volatile temperament. She's just not designed for close-range combat, and is instead suited to aerial operation, basic surveillance, or quick hit and run missions. She's relatively lightly armored, for a Decepticon, and really relies on speed to avoid injury. If one does manage to pin her in close quarters, the conflict with her personality will result in anger and frustration, which will inhibit her further.

Bitter and snarky as she is herself, she can be goaded into a rant, and again, her temperament can get the better of her.

Damage to her wings, flight control surfaces, or thrusters will also greatly reduce her mobility, though she does self-repair quickly (see below).

Much of her Cybertronian circuitry appears to be optical in nature. (Other characters from her series are show without armor and have glowing circuitry patterns of various colors.) But it's possibly dielectric gas could halt any peripheral electrical systems enough to disable her sensors.

There's no obvious indication that cold bothers her, but since it does Cybertronians in other Universal Streams, it's possible it could have some effect. Probably used in conjunction with other restraints it could be more effective.

The AllSpark Fragment Slipstream, her brother clones, and a few other Cybertronians in her Stream lack either spark or ember (variously charged types of Cybertronian life-forces) and instead have fragments of the AllSpark within them, sometimes called shards. The AllSpark, is the Cybertronians' sacred, life-giving artifact. It is capable, when whole, of granting new sparks. During a time it was fragmented, various fragments exchanged hands. Starscream had one imbedded in his head, which made him immortal. It was this fragment he split to give his clones life. And, having this fragment, or shard, within her, comes with benefits and risks to Slipstream.

The shard is like super-concentrated spark energy to the point of being a solid. It's powerful enough to sustain Slipstream's life, and even to resurrect her from damage that ordinarily would cause final deactivation, and speed her own self-repair systems. However it also gives off a very distinct energy, making the elusive clone rather easy to trace, if one knows to tune sensors to seek the particular frequency/signature.

The shard is effectively her soul, but it's solid and crystalline. If it is dislodged or removed, her shell and protoform will deactivate and turn gray. But, the shard itself will retain her imprint, which is itself an alteration of Starscream's imprint, such that attempt to place it in another device will likely give Slipstream control over the machine. Putting it back into her spark chamber will revive Slipstream entirely.

first person sample: main comm posts from previous game

third person sample: log posts from previous game

case no: She likes numbers related to 3, but I leave it up to you.
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