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Denizen Application

Character Information
Character Name: Slipstream
Fandom: Transformers
Timeline: Animated/Malgus continuity, taken from end of series

Character History: Slipstream is a clone of Starscream, created by him on Luna, using a stolen protoform. She was granted individual personality and life by a shard of the AllSpark, stored within her otherwise vacant spark chamber. She would seem, based on her early activity and observations of her brother clones, to be the eldest of the surviving Starscream clones. She's also got some curves the others don't. Like the other clones, Slipstream evidently came online possessing some pre-installed data from her creator, knowing what she needed of the factions to go into battle.

Slipstream first became known to the Autobots and other Decepticons at the battle in the Carbon Mines. She distinguished herself by evading Bulkhead's attempt to capture her by putting him in his own pair of stasis cuffs. She disarmed Megatron of his sword with a well-placed shot from behind. As soon as it seemed Starscream's side was certain to lose, she switched allegiance to Megatron. Slipstream then devised effective strategy in the sortie against Omega Supreme, by using his own size against him.

She also shot Optimus Prime out of the Sky once; though she only pursued him thinking he was Starscream. Slipstream proved capable at evading capture, while other clones were picked-up by the bounty hunter, Lockdown, or members of the Elite Guard.

When her creator, Starscream, died (again), as result of his own AllSpark shard being summoned through Prowl's Processor over Matter technique, Slipstream was the one to discover his deactivated shell. What she did with him then remains her secret.

She was soon transported to Axiom Nexus.

Slipstream spent the next 6 months evading the attention of Shockwave, and brother clones in the city, as a denizen of Axiom Nexus. She spent most of her time in the shady environs of Zone 7, where her cool-toned deco doesn't draw much attention. She got many things she needed through a system of barter, observing what another most needed and then seeking another who had it, and benefiting as the facilitator between parties. She also earned money in a series of off-the-books jobs, including teaching English as a second language to those unable to afford language chips (Leaving a string of students fluent in Detroit street slang.) When no more efficient means to meet her needs has presented itself, Slipstream has simply taken what she needed, preferring stealthy, back-stabbing attacks.

Then, she ordered a replacement communicator, after her's fell into the bath. It was supposed to be the same!

Character Traits: Slipstream has an air of mystery about her. She doesn't reveal much about herself. In fact, when asked directly about her 'trait', she's evaded the question by saying "Don't ask!" As much as she hides about herself, she's happy to offer her observations on others, usually in bitter rants.

Still, her nature is evident, from her biting humor, used to distract, and her bitter rants, which deflect attention onto others. Slipstream is like water: She will chose the simplest, most efficient path to her goals, the path of least resistance. When faced with multiple obstacles, she may go with the one that seems to her the least of evils, or the winning side. If threatened with being pinned down or trapped, or is faced with something she cannot avoid, Slipstream demonstrates a volatile temper. Like a river behind a dam, she will find a way break through.

She's got Starscream's speed and agility, as well as equal armament. It's likely this clone inherited his particular ability with escaping EG restraints. She's really, really good at evasive maneuvers; even Omega Supreme only got a direct hit on her once, and he had a lot of guns.

Third Person: Motion detectors alerted Slipstream to a potential threat, almost too late. She quickly ignited her thrusters and made a well-trained low-gravity evasive maneuver, strangely hopeful for an instant, as she noted the blast that narrowly missed her mid-section was consistent with a sonic pulse blast. She glimpsed the teal and gold flier; she was not immediately able to confirm or deny whether this was another brother, or a bot of similar build, loyal to Megatron. Slipstream decided quickly that claiming alliance was the most efficient method of surviving to collect more information.

Slipstream positioned her arms, and thus the attached weaponry, away from the new bot, and smiled disarmingly – which probably turned out more a smirk, for all she could help it – and settled again on the warped metal plating below. Those blasters remained trained on her, and the creepily, lascivious sneer and territorial posturing argued in favor of this being a fellow clone. They were on different communications frequencies, from the frustration stealing into the other bot's expression and posture.

Slipstream moved forward as non-threateningly as she was able, cringing internally as well as literally that she was mimicking the annoying behavior of her brothers Skywarp and Sunstorm. She was allowed to approach, and straightened slowly as she stepped up to the other. She kept her optics trained on the other's as she gestured a single pointy digit toward her audio receptors.

He gave a slight nod. At this point, Slipstream saw two possible paths of action: she could now grab the barrels of the other's weapons and force them away from her while placing a few disabling knees and kicks, or she could tune their comms to the same frequency and allow communication between the two. Slipstream was nothing if not confident in her battle prowess, but she ultimately saw the value in avoiding conflict until such time as no other options existed; avoiding conflict simply meant less injuries, and greater potential for survival and advantageous alliances.

In a quick movement, Slipstream darted her right hand toward the other's helm and pried open the audio access panel with her talons, then quickly adjusted his comm frequency.

//This is my ship!\\ he commed as soon as the channel was shared. Even over internal comms, the voice in all it's high-pitched, snarky, know-it-all tone was familiar. A brother.
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