Apr. 24th, 2010

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Leave comments for Slipstream's player [livejournal.com profile] karanseraph on this post, regarding how well or how poorly she characterizes Slipstream or conducts Slipstream in RP scenarios.

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Designation: Slipstream
Faction Affiliation: Decepticon
Alt-mode: 'Futuristic' Harrier Jet

Slipstream is a clone of Starscream, created by him, on Luna, using a stolen protoform and cloning technology; and granted individual personality and life by a shard of the AllSpark, stored within her otherwise vacant spark chamber, behind her cockpit. She would seem, based on her early activity and observations of her brother clones, to be the eldest of the surviving Starscream clones; she is also the only femme among them. Like the other clones, Slipstream evidently came online possessing some pre-installed data from her creator, effectively sharing his knowledge.

Slipstream first became known to the Autobots and other Decepticons at the Battle of the Carbon Mines, where she distinguished herself by taking down the Autobot spacebridge expert, Bulkhead; publicly betraying her creator in favor of Megatron's Leadership; and then devising strategy in the sortie against Omega Supreme. If you ask Slipstream, She's been acting Air Commander since her creator lost his head, but Starscream would likely argue this, and Megatron likely does not even remember her name, much less recognize this rank.

She also shot Optimus Prime out of the Sky once, and seems capable at evading capture, while other clones were picked-up by the bounty hunter, Lockdown, or members of the Elite Guard.

When her creator Starscream died (again), as result of his own AllSpark shard being summoned through Prowl's Processor over Matter technique, during the battle with the Supreme clones in Detroit, Slipstream was the one to discover his deactivated shell. What she did with him then remains her secret.

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