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The Wind Turbine Project is an ongoing role-play plot in [ profile] tf_ic_prompts. Characters from the Nexusville community have volunteered their time and effort to work together to construct and maintain wind turbines to generate energy for the community. These include a wind turbines in a community turbine farm, a secret, private turbine farm, and individual turbines placed on property in and about Nexusville. Not all the characters involved are volunteering their time out of selfless charity for the community; some want control, or energy, or are placed as spies amongst their fellow project team members.

The WTP encompasses several locations and provides maintenance for some private turbines. The main locations are the WTP Research and Development Facility, the secret Alpha Site in a river-cut mountain pass, and the Community Turbine Farm (A.K.A. Beta Site) located in the plains. Individual turbines are also located atop the WTP R&D Facility, at Starscream's Chicken Farm, at TFA Megatron's Retirement Cave, at Gravel Track Mines.

WTP R&D Facility:

The R&D Facility is housed in a large, gray dome-shaped building on the southern outskirts of Nexusville. The turbine on its roof acquired a red patina in a storm during a historical catastrophe. The main entrance of the Facility is along a street and on the north side of the building.

WTP Alpha Site:

The Alpha Site was discovered by the Seeker Clone Skywarp and is difficult for non-fliers to approach, due to its location in a high mountain pass. The site itself is a grassy, possibly glacial, valley cut-through by a narrower, water-cut canyon and rapid mountain stream. There is an old dilapidated-looking, human-scale water mill set over the stream, which has been reinforced from within to be able to securely house control computers and capacitors for the site.

WTP Beta Site A.K.A. Community Turbine Farm:

The Community Turbine farm is located roughly southeast of the settlement on some plains.

Individual Turbines:

Starscream's Chicken Farm - a small prototype
WTP R&D Facility - a full-size model with a red patina
TFA Megatron's Retirement Cave - a large turbine mounted on a tower and camouflaged green and grey to blend with surroundings
Gravel Track Mines - a very ratty-looking turbine

The WTP plot has included several continuing subplots.

"Other Vacancies" Subplot involved the search for a suitable manufacturing facility, which resulted in the discovery of a dome-shaped building on the southern outskirts of Nexusville, the establishment, there, of the community owned WTP R&D Facility, and the revelation that the facility had originally been created by the Vok, who left mysterious technology there.

"Seeker Clone Mafia" Subplot involved the establishment of the secret Alpha Site turbine farm by the project's administrator, Slipstream, and her brother clones.
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