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Designation: Slipstream
Faction Affiliation: Decepticon
Alt-mode: 'Futuristic' Harrier Jet

Slipstream is a clone of Starscream, created by him, on Luna, using a stolen protoform and cloning technology; and granted individual personality and life by a shard of the AllSpark, stored within her otherwise vacant spark chamber, behind her cockpit. She would seem, based on her early activity and observations of her brother clones, to be the eldest of the surviving Starscream clones; she is also the only femme among them. Like the other clones, Slipstream evidently came online possessing some pre-installed data from her creator, effectively sharing his knowledge.

Slipstream first became known to the Autobots and other Decepticons at the Battle of the Carbon Mines, where she distinguished herself by taking down the Autobot spacebridge expert, Bulkhead; publicly betraying her creator in favor of Megatron's Leadership; and then devising strategy in the sortie against Omega Supreme. If you ask Slipstream, She's been acting Air Commander since her creator lost his head, but Starscream would likely argue this, and Megatron likely does not even remember her name, much less recognize this rank.

She also shot Optimus Prime out of the Sky once, and seems capable at evading capture, while other clones were picked-up by the bounty hunter, Lockdown, or members of the Elite Guard.

When her creator Starscream died (again), as result of his own AllSpark shard being summoned through Prowl's Processor over Matter technique, during the battle with the Supreme clones in Detroit, Slipstream was the one to discover his deactivated shell. What she did with him then remains her secret.

Personality: Slipstream's dominant personality trait is a subject of some contention, and she will evade all questions on the matter. However, it is certain she is caustic and bitter to her Leader and Creator, and in fact anyone who remotely resembles him. With others, she is much less caustic, although still possessing a rather snarky sense of humor. She will often defer to others and seem to go with the flow, until pressed into an uncomfortable or emotionally stressful situation.

Skills and Strengths: As Slipstream's designation suggests, she has some knowledge of fluid dynamics and information technology. She will demonstrate these traits in deference to other Seekers in formation, allowing them to fly lead; and in generally looking for the most efficient, low-consumption, or non-confrontational solution to any given problem. Her time in hiding on Earth has enabled her to become expert at manipulating human technologies, including those reverse-engineered from Cybertronian tech, but her understanding of current Cybertronian tech is not as developed. She may also have inherited some modest scientific aptitude from her creator, who demonstrated his skill in creating his own clone army. As a clone of Starscream, Slipstream is also incredibly fast and agile in the air, whether in root or alt-mode. Her combination of critical thinking, efficiency and aerial skills do enable her to produce viable combat strategy such as would be expected from an Air Commander, whether her creator recognizes this or not.

Weaknesses: Slipstream's greatest weakness is her volatile emotional state. Her creator Starscream is ever capable of sending her into a rant, and it would seem that even those who remotely remind her of Starscream can cause her to "see red" and attack. A reminder of her turbulent emotions toward Starscream can effectively undermine her ability to think calmly and critically.

Weapons and Combat Skills: Slipstream is armed with arm-mounted shock blasters which can disrupt electronics and shatter metals, as well as lasers, which she can deploy from her gauntlets in root mode. She has also been known to employ stasis cuffs to immobilize larger foes. She prefers long-range attacks. In close quarters her manner is fluid, using her slender build, speed and agility to evade as much as possible; she will attack only when she is confident she has an effective strategy and ideal opening. (If she is provoked into a rage, she may make a mistake and get in too close to a foe and thus risk damage or capture.)

Interpersonal Relationships: Slipstream, though exhibiting a tendency to betray leadership, is thoroughly Decepticon at shard. As such she will not easily cooperate with Autobots, or approve of other Decepticons doing so, unless she sees some specific strategic advantage, such as using their knowledge or skills toward her own ends. She can seem friendlier than other Decepticons, due to her nature of avoiding direct confrontation in favor of employing guile.

Slipstream will demonstrate some signs of a love-hate relationship with her creator and leader, Starscream. Generally, she will cooperate with other Decepticons, even allowing others to take lead in missions, so long as they give her a minimum of token respect and acknowledgment for her efforts. She does possess ambition and will step into a leadership role if no other seems more qualified. This is particularly true of her relationships with fellow Starscream clones, whom she will view as subordinates and juniors.

Slipstream prizes personal freedom highly and does not believe in forced or arranged unions for political purposes, but she does favor voluntary unions, such as Decepticons taking consorts to cement political or military forces, so long as these are what she terms "smart matches" between those of suitable rank within the faction.

Slipstream is unlikely to show physical affection casually or in public; instead she views herself as worthy of being formally courted and pursued with a goal of finding a long-term confident and ally she may one day consider taking as a consort or - if a very suitable match - bonded mate. Her one exception to this is that she is quite comfortable giving and receiving affection from those she considers her kin, particularly her fellow clones.
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